Apart from the ability of flexography printing we have implemented the necessary investment in hi-tech equipment and training of skilled workforce for digital printing able to cover every client’s demand, even in very small quantities. True 1200 x 3600 dpi addressability with variable dot density, the press uses the Pericles screening library and the screen ruling capable of adjusting separately for every image element.

An inline densitometer enables the user to calibrate the press to ensure uniform and accurate colour and colour consistency between jobs and between presses. Moreover, a QA-I toner, approved for indirect and direct contact with dry food, offers a very high light fastness ensuring that prints keep their color strength throughout time.

It is the 1200dpi resolution (4bit per spot) of the press that allows successful use of microtext, guilloche patterns, scattered dots graphics or cryptoglyphs. The technique of printing raised images or illustrations in black, also works as a security element. Much more elements are possible such as sequential numbering, barcodes or QR codes, hidden screening images, brand color toners and toners that contain special taggants.